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The Brief Introduction of Huaqiang Plastics Dehumidifical, Anti-foam Masterbatches

The plastic products can be made from plastic materials by ways of injection moulding, exstrusion, film blowing. The quality and denseness of the plastic products closely depend on the mount of the bug in the plastics. The moisture in the plastic materials will become vapor in processing at a high temperature, resulting in the bug -- -- foam and cavity in the plastics, and directly effecting the mechanical property and appearance of the products.

In order to dehumidify and improve the quality of the plastic products, the traditional method is to dry the materials by heating before the processing. In this way, additional high-temperature oven is needed, and the processing will be more complicated, increasing the cost of products.

The Huaqiang plastics dehumidifical, anti-foam masterbatches, researched and developed by Haqiang Plastics Factory, is of own intellectual property independently. This kind of Hi-Te product which is nontoxic and friendly to the environment, is special form for most types of polymer, such as PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, and for all types of plastic processing, such as injection moulding, exstrusion, film blowing.

It can absorb the moisture, and defoam the foam in the plastic. When adding the masterbatches to the plastics materials, some of the steps of the processing, such as drying, can be omitted, thus the cost could be cut down, and the production will be more efficient, more over, it also improves the mechanical property and appearance of the products sharply.

Technology Norm:
1. Water Absorbability: Can absorb water as much as 20% of the weight of the agent.
2. Processing: Same as ordinary equipments and conditions.
3.Environment Norm: Nontoxic, Friendly to environment, Excellent plastic performance.

Application Fields:
PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, Degradable plastic products, e.g.

1. Additive Proportion: 1%~5%, changing according to the proportion of the water.
2. The material neednít be dried.
3. Neednít change the processing.
4. Keep out of the moist, seal in poly-bag as soon as possible.
*The Pnodnet is not harmful to human body

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